8.10.2021     Meet the FORTHEM's Climate & Ressources Lab

FIT FORTHEM and FORTHEM’s Climate & Resources Lab are inviting academics and university
external stakeholders to join our workshop to discuss Climate & Resources related topics.

For further information have a look at PROGRAM CR Lab Workshop Final.

Here you can download the presentations of the workshop and watch all recordings of the workshop:

Intro and Overview

Session 1 - Sustainability Concept by Virginia Toy and Gretha Boor

Session 2 - University of Mainz Institute of Geosciences Schools Outreach by Chirstoph Helo

Session 3 - CandR Geothermal Lab and Borehole by Virginia Toy

Session 4 - Climate&ResourcesFORTHEM Sedimentary Records of Earth's Past Climate Joint Course by Martina Kirilova

Expertise of the Alliance:

Session 5 - FORTHEM Climate Impact expertises

Session 5 - FORTHEM expertise group resources and energies

Session 5 - FORTHEM_CurrentClimateGroup

Session 5 - ForthemResearchGroupClimatePast